On this last Saturday, April 6, mental coach Elainne Ourives  gathered more than 3,000 people at Credicard Hall for the grand event  MILLIONAIRE DNA, where she taught the reprogramming of the mind, the ability to co-create your reality, to change your DNA quantically, increasing your vibrational frequency to resonate with and align with financial success.

“Make it clear that we are 100% responsible for our lives, for everything that happens to us and for all the consequences of our actions.”, said Elainne

And kept going, “All our attitudes, our failures, our negative emotions, our emotional blocks were created and installed in our minds. 

The same power we have to create chaos is the same power that we give away to create success.”, completed the coach

So, through specific techniques, Elainne Ourives guides and teaches you how to deprogram, reprogram and program the unconscious mind.

Cleaning techniques, unblocking, reprogramming and increasing Vibrational Frequency in connection with

The human being is able to conquer everything he desires. Everything is part of quantum physics, the laws of the Universe and the power of Energy.

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Special thanks 

Grateful thanks to Daniela Loreto, Isabela Salla, Eneida Mengucci, and the Executive Bussiness Consultant Zaine Assaf.

Also to mention the special presence of the actress Patricia Naves, and Ben Aron, CEO of People Corporation

About Elainne Ourives

Educated and passionate about the evolution of the human mind, Elainne accumulates more than two decades of experience helping more than 20,000 students (in her courses and  trainings).

She is now one of the greatest experts in mental reprogramming and DNA in Brazil. She is responsible for changing lives through the methods created by her that are systematized for human development and mental evolution. 

Here is a list of the techniques Elainne uses : HERTZ TECHNIQUE ® Reprogramming of the Vibrational Frequency (Hz); QUANTIC POWERMIND ® The Vibrational Frequency of Miracle; HOLO COCRIATION ® How to Get in Resonance with Your Dreams and Goals.


By Claudia Cataldi and Uiara Zagolin 






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