Five Powerful Trends for 2020

A new year’s start is always a good reason to look towards the future.
The new year comes with new challenges and consequently with the potential to innovate – to launch into unforeseen opportunities.
A famous brazilian digital influencer, Simone Cury,  inspired by the ultra-fashion universe we live in,    shows you what are the five main style  tendencies for 2020.
Now you can be prepared for what lies ahead, being ready to rock through it all in an exquisite outfit.
Five Powerful Trends for 2020

 1 – Handmade

Are you a fan of the handmade genre? Then, here comes great news: techniques like tie-dye, crochet, embroidery, tressé finishes and fabrics with natural DNA are being revisited, getting the control over the warmer seasons.
Moreover, this is the fashion trend that directly speaks to the new human mind-set, i.e., trying to establish a close relationship to the material being used and the story being told by it.

Extra tip: handmade is very versatile and links really well with other fashion trends, creating an amazing high-low balance.
Five Powerful Trends for 2020Five Powerful Trends for 2020

2 – Flare heel

A tendency that is coming strong to show that you are in control over your height with this new women –  BFF!
Having version from very high to medium and  to very low heels, it gives an upgrade on the look, providing not only style, comfort and elegance but also the appearance of attitude and singularity.
Bring a 1970’s vibe; the flare heel might be the protagonist on your looks, both through winter and summer.  

3 – Blush

The pink blush – remembering a discreet coral tone -, heavily appeared on countless runways shows from a large number of different labels.

This time’s tonality is light, super-delicate and – THANK GOD – easy to match with. The nuance being a contemporaneous neutral color it resonates perfectly with almost all other color and with various styles, from classic, modern, sportive, girlie, lady like to officewear.

Five Powerful Trends for 2020

Five Powerful Trends for 2020

4 – Conscience

The concept of sharing has become part of our daily lives, no one can argue with that. Because of enterprises like Netflix and Spotify bringing exclusive contents to our entertainment; or Uber changing the way we look at mobility; or UberEats changing the way we think of getting meals; we have also become familiar about the concept of having the  technology benefit into our lives.
Through that context, sharing clothes online comes to place, with signature based enterprises renting clothes in order to reframe fabrics and to promote conscious consumption.

Fashion conscience sustainable clothing impact on earth is on!

5 – Utilitarianism

To be part of this tendency, clothes should give the possibility of multiple purpose usage, being correctly dressed both in office and in gym. “When thinking about style/design of clothing what is going to guide the aesthetic is functionality, which, by the way, already intervenes in our home clothing”, points out Simone Cury.

6 – Comfort

Above all else, even though it is the last topic, comes comfort, the massage on the catwalk was pretty clear: comfort first.
The idea is to build comfy looks, with wide silhouettes; think about cotton wide pants, less attached jeans – for example, the relaxed, boyfriend or wide leg – and A-line dresses. On the color pallet, monochromic tones; on the fabrics, a lot of technology!
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