Who could ever knew that at age of 77 and a long and successful career, Paul McCartney would still drive the next generations crazy?

It is acknowledgment that The Beatles are a niche amongst young people of each new generation and it is  the overall worldwide scope of such new fans who have kept and will continue to keep The Beatles fresh and alive for decades to come.

Gustavo Saldanha, a 6 years old boy from the city of São Paulo in Brazil, is completely crazy about  the Beatles.

It is considered quite normal that Gustavo parents, uncles or even grandparents would speak about the Beatles as a milestone in the history of international music. But the unusual thing it is to find a fan who has not lived that time but who has the same admiration as the Beatlemaniacs.

Unusual, but possible.

Gustavo Saldanha, a six-year-old Paul McCartney Brazilian Fan.

He is knowledgeable of all history and discography of the Beatles and he is also able to sing more than 20 songs in full in the original language and, not to mention,  a strong physical resemblance to Paul McCartney.

And the  story gets even more noticeable when we realize that all this enchantment came naturally and even intuitively.

It was not listening at home that Gustavo went on to idolize the Beatles, instead, his parents came to know more and even listen to the beatles because of  the boy.

In 2018, Gustavo had his first contact with the band during a mother’s day event at school and from there, he identified himself in such a way that he created the habit of listening and interpreting Beatles at home, without any influence of the family

Today, the Beatlemaniac takes singing and guitar lessons to develop musical skills and is featured in covers shows of the band where he is invited to participatie and he is always  encouraged by the public.

The Beatles is so significant and present in this boy’s life that he has Paul McCartney as his greatest idol and he still hopes to meet Paul in person someday, but so far he has proved to be elusive.

Unfortunately, when Paul McCartney went to Brazil, Gustavo was not able to attend the show because of his age, which made his parents plan a trip to the United States to attend the concert of the singer in Las Vegas, which happens today (28), and coming true one of his son’s biggest dreams.

During this trip Gustavo will also be able to make walks that encompass this universe, like the show The Beatles LOVE by Cirque du Soleil which is a psychedelic journey through the trends and politics of the ’60s and most importantly, The Beatles.

Another unmissable ride is the “Beatle Show” that takes place at Planet Hollywood and is considered one of the biggest tributes of the band and that will serve as an encouragement for the boy to follow his dreams.


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