Touring the city of Machu Picchu in Peru

The stylist Marisa de Oliveira draws attention by her clear and simple form of being.

After a stay in Paris to complete the styling course,  Oliveira had the opportunity to realize how difficult it is for beginners, to have a real trip …

Real travel means the idea of taking all the advantages and opportunities that the place in question offers you.

From this, started her channel on youtube, which already has hundreds of hits, both from Brazil and other countries.

Oliveira presents presents in a light and friendly, a fun and educated view of everything she sees and experiences.

And do not think that what you see is only joy!

When you least expect she gets off her pedestal and complains about that agency that charged more for the same service you found there, locally.

Turistando na cidade de Machu Picchu no Perú


“That’s right, I did what I missed on the web when I went to Peru for example, I was organizing my trip with my daughter, and I did not know what would be better in terms of price and service.

I got disappointed some times. I paid a largge sum of money. I sat waiting for the late guide … but in compensation, I left the good registered in the channel, so my beloved followers may from my experience, have a better one yet.Isn’t that the purpose of life ?, ” Marisa smiled.


You Tube Channel – By Marisa de Oliveira

Marisa de Oliveira

Marisa de Oliveira is from the state of Parana, south of Brazil, born in the city of Londrina. She studied Fashion Designer at the French university Université Sthendal Grenoble.

He has a daughter, Lolita, who is eighteen years old and she lives between Rio de Janeiro and Londrina.

She specializes in African fashion, which is her passion, but she also does work as a tour guide in the city of Rio de Janeiro and navigates into the turbulent waters of the virtual world with her tourism and DIY videos.


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